10 Things House Guests Notice

Hosting guests? Here are the things they're most likely to notice in your home.

Guests is the house??

A tidy space is immediately noticeable. Dust, stains, or clutter can leave an unfavorable impression.

1. Cleanliness

Whether it's a pleasant aroma or an unpleasant odor, guests will definitely pick up on how your home smells.

2. Smell

A well-stocked bathroom with essentials like toilet paper, soap, and fresh towels is always appreciated.

3. Bathroom Supplies

Well-lit spaces feel welcoming. Dim or overly bright lights can affect the ambiance.

4. Lighting

A comfortable room temperature is crucial. Too hot or too cold can make guests uneasy.

5. Temperature

Guests often notice personal photos, giving them a glimpse into your life and memories.

6. Personal Photos

Your choice of decor, color schemes, and furniture style speaks volumes about your personal taste.

7. Decor & Style

What you read can be a conversation starter. Guests often glance at bookshelves or coffee table magazines.

8. Books & Magazines

Healthy plants or fresh flowers can brighten up a space and show that you care about your home's aesthetics.

9. Plants & Flowers

Things like chipped paint, broken fixtures, or squeaky doors don't go unnoticed.

10. General Maintenance

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