9 Must-Have Clothing Items If You're Curvy

A wrap dress is incredibly versatile and universally flattering. It cinches at the waist, accentuating your curves while providing a comfortable and stylish fit.

1. Wrap Dress

High-waisted bottoms help define your waist and create a balanced silhouette. Look for styles that fit well around your hips and have some stretch for comfort.

2. High-Waisted Jeans or Trousers

An A-line skirt flares out from the waist, creating a lovely hourglass shape. It skims over your curves and offers a feminine and flattering look.

3. A-Line Skirt

A belted trench coat can be a game-changer. Cinching it at the waist adds structure and highlights your curves while providing a polished and sophisticated appearance.

4. Belted Trench Coat

Peplum tops have a flared fabric at the waist, which creates a defined waistline and gives a flattering, feminine shape. They can be paired with skirts, pants, or jeans.

5. Peplum Top or Blouse

Don't be afraid of bodycon dresses! They hug your curves and celebrate your figure. Look for styles that have stretch and are tailored to your specific body shape.

6. Bodycon Dress

Similar to the wrap dress, a wrap top cinches at the waist and enhances your curves while offering a stylish and comfortable fit.

7. Wrap Top

Wide-leg trousers balance out your proportions and create a long, lean line. They can be dressed up or down, making them a versatile addition to your wardrobe.

8. Wide-Leg Trousers

A well-fitted, structured jacket or blazer can do wonders for your figure. It provides definition at the waist and adds polish to any outfit.

9. Structured Jacket or Blazer

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